The other day, I was on the phone with a new client. He’d come recommended, he was very happy to be talking to me but had one burning question. “Why’d you stop blogging?” The truth was I hadn’t really, in my head, as I sort of moved to places where I had exposure to what I was writing (feeling like I was wasting my time if I didn’t get published somewhere with actual traffic, IE: not this blog), like The Next Web and The Guardian , the latter of which I just started writing for and I really, really hope to continue writing for. In short, I sort of forgot about what blogging here was meant to be. When I first made it, it was effectively going to be my PR blog, the noble straight-talk express of PR, where I’d…I don’t know. Talk about PR in such a way that others wouldn’t. But the actual job of running this agency meant that if I put finger to keyboard I wanted people to read it, believing change in PR was only really possible if I had an audience I didn’t have to build up. Selfish? Eh, of course it is. First and foremost, I have a new website coming. I have for literally months and it’s been delayed, but it’s going to be great. Like a real professional big boy website. I hate my current website. If you got here through it, it’s a mess. The new one isn’t. On the new one will also be a new, much more readable blog. The name of this one won’t survive, as much as I like it, as it turns out the abominable Startup L Jackson made the joke first. Sorry folks. I’ll keep updating this one until then and port over content as best I can. Probably copy paste it and it’ll look like crap. So this blog will function as a few things:

  • The rougher cuts of my thoughts on PR. Nobody with a real website will publish them because they’ll be short, or messy, or offensive without as much direction as we’d like.
  • Some vague updates about my agency. I don’t like these. But if I want to say how good my people are I will. Up yours, it’s my website.
  • I’ll sometimes talk about things I’ve done in my life that made me what I am. Quasi-personal stuff, some professional things, whatever.

Alright. Thanks for reading.