Dear clients, friends and enemies: I’m really sorry, but I work on the toilet sometimes. Not literally, of course. I don’t actually pull my laptop in there and work out of it, little piles of notes on top of the toilet roll, but I have taken my phone in there and sent an email or two. I’ve thought about work. I’ve had some pretty solid ideas too. I’ve also worked from the sofa, almost totally reclined. I’ve worked in a cafe in NYC. I’ve worked while on the couch in England. Sometimes I’ve worked while on a beach, on a plane, while in the car driving around New Jersey, I’ve gone to DC and done it, I’ve done it everywhere. Nobody knows where I am at any time. Am I in NYC? Am I in the Kitchen in my pyjamas? Do I need to be in either? There is a wide myth about PR agencies that you need to have separate heads, like some sort of shitty hydra, in San Francisco, New York, LA and other places if you really want to ‘dominate.’ You have to be at every event in those places, meet with every reporter, and be up every respective butthole otherwise you are not ‘killing it.’ Just like if you’re not tweeting meaningless startup advice and platitudes you’re not important. The truth is you don’t. Sure you can meet a reporter in person and that’s great and they might read your emails more, but the real horrible truth is that being at an agency in NYC is no better than being at an agency in South Jersey or South Florida or South Dakota. PR people are really just email addresses. Some are more palatable, readable email addresses that sometimes turn into voices on a phone. But really we’re just emails. Yes, please argue with me that you are very special and go to every party and oh you meet every reporter and please, tell me I’m wrong. But then ruminate about how much actual use it is that you are in the ‘heart of it all.’ And no, going to the New York Tech Meetup and sniffing the butt of every reporter doesn’t count.