Years of experience. Hundreds of top-tier media results. A global network of reporter relationships.

About EZPR

EZPR was founded by Ed Zitron, an award-winning author, writer and speaker with seven years of PR experience and over a decade as a reporter. We’ve launched products and services from multi-billion dollar companies to tiny startups, gaining them national and global exposure. We’ve turned stuttering, anxious CEOs into dynamite sources and made millions in sales through media results for our clients. We’ve beaten multi-million dollar agencies in coverage (and won contracts over them) because we only care about one thing - getting results for our clients.


Media Relations

We get your product, spokesperson or whatever it is you're working on in the online, print and broadcast media through our network of relationships with reporters. We don't spam them, either.


Press releases, messaging, biographies and press kits are just a few examples of the essential collateral we can put together to make sure the media and the public has everything they need.

Content Marketing

We'll help you write intelligent, interesting and digestible content for your audience bereft of marketing buzz and fluff.

Media Training

We don't just give you a bunch of talking points - our media training will prepare you to be both ready for anything and an interesting source the media will *want* to talk to.


We're real people that talk like humans, with years of experience and a no-nonsense approach to PR.

You're never getting shipped off to an intern, a newbie or a know-nothing. Ever.

If you want a team that's available, honest, hard-working and gets things done, this is it. If you want a bunch of people saying "yes," we'd suggest looking elsewhere.

  • Ed Zitron
  • Kevin Raposo
  • Royal Hebert
  • Trevor Moore
  • Ed is a terrific get-things-done PR person. He understands the way media works today and quickly understands a product position, then rolls up his sleeves and gets coverage.

    Rurik Bradbury - CMO, Trustev

  • Ed Zitron is well connected, strategic, creative, and responsive…but most of all, he delivers. He helped make the announcement of Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage a success, and continued to provide value.

    Gleb Budman - CEO, Backblaze

  • Working with Ed has been a refreshing and inspiring experience. I recently had to loop Ed into an email with a collaborating agency and didn’t feel comfortable introducing him as our “PR Person’ because he is not like other folks in PR that we have ever worked with. He behaves like a partner in all internal and external interactions, takes our issues as seriously as a stakeholder, and acts like thoughtful friend when times are tough and celebrates the wins because they feel good when things are hot.

    Alex Beckman - CEO, GameOn